Influence of human beings on the world's ecosystem is leading to the extinction of species and loss of bio-diversity. What are the primary causes of loss of bio-diversity? What solutions can you suggest?

It is fact that the global environment has changed in the
few decades, which affects the population of animals and that now have been at extinction. There are several reasons for the situation;
, there are few measures to solve these problems. Both causes and solutions will be discussed
. Examining the reason for loss of biodiversity and extinction of
, the most common one is deforestation.
is because
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It appears that you have an unnecessary comma after the subordinating conjunction because. Consider removing the comma.

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people are cut down the trees and Forrest for their habitats. Due to
kind of activity from a community
lost their homes. The other cause is industrialization chemical that has been thrown into a river or on the surface of the ground.
means that many animals drink water from the small pound and river which is already polluted by a substance which could cause
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death and
lives in ocean is
have a problem due to
harmful ingredient thrown by manufacturing units into the river which meets ocean as is goes away from the town. So, indirectly it affects the number of living animals.
For example
, unhealthy nutrients would be drunk by them and it causes them harmful effects which could not be the cure.
, advancement in technology
has adverse effects on
. The reason being ultraviolets rays is nowadays generated by tech companies are far for than before and scientist
says that it would harm flying birds. Alternatively, there are some preventive measures to solve the given issue. The foremost is afforestation.
That is
could be achieved by passing a law about not cutting down any trees as it harm our ecosystem, and try to use open land for construction where no one has a problem.
, Controlling the population of a human is
a good way to solve
For instance
, if ministries make a rule regarding parents should only have one child ,not more than is acceptable , that means less space need for pupils to use and deforestation would be decreased. To conclude, it can be
commented that there are many causes of loss of biodiversity and extinction of
as water pollution, air pollution and deforestation. ,
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the aforementioned solution can solve the problem.
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