Some people think young people should go to university to further their education while others think they should be encouraged to work as car mechanics or builders etc. to serve society. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Education is really important in life to grow. It is suggested that youngsters must opt for studies in school whereas others believe that there is no need to attend elementary for some pupils
as car mechanics or builders.
essay will discuss my opinion on why eventually education is required for children. On one hand, schooling is necessary to gain theoretical knowledge. Because students who go to education centres, they tend to solve
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the problem
a problem

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quickly as compared to others who don’t go.
, there is a need for a high level of educated people for the development of the nation.
For instance
, studies have shown that 70% contribution of doctors and scientists leads to the enhancement of the community globally. And individuals with higher studies are likely to receive more pay than others. In my opinion, tutoring should be mandatory for everyone to assist the country.
On the other hand
, kids with no institutional learning only get trained in practical skills. Because they have extra time to learn their field of work which aid in additional experience. Having extra information about something
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is considered

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a key element in being a successful professional, as well as, attaining job security.
For example
, in India, The PM, Narender Modi did not go for any tuition, and he achieves
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luxurious life just because of accessing the details about politics.
, having empirical expertise can help out in the progress of the civil. In conclusion, it is increasingly popular to study in
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an institution
the institution

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for adolescents nowadays. Unskilled labour will eventually aid in gaining experimental attributes for the welfare of the public;
, in my view, sophisticated jobs require theory for civilization. Ultimately, increasing affordable boards can increase the volume of admissions in the foundation.
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