People naturally resist making changes in their lives. What kind of problem can this cause? What solutions can you suggest

It is obvious that
are changing day by day with their
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life styles
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The word life styles seems to be miswritten. Consider replacing it.

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, these changes can
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face some severe problems and some solutions need to be done to reduce these issues.
, It is accepted that living our lives without changing is easy and comfortable.
For example
, nobody would change his or her job to a new one
that is
not familiar at all. Those who always stay in a comfort zone
of taking risky things in their lives might lose the chance to discover new experiences. As an
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are afraid to go abroad and discover because of their cultural believes and apparently, they might be simply satisfying their old life in their own country.
, different age generations in a family might have experiences in their relationship id they are with the good
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of changes in life. Especially for the old
. We all know that the viewpoint of one generation is in some way high comparing with that of the other generation.
, if
do not learn how to accept a new way of thinking or have a flexible state of mind, their relationships could become worse. Making understand and living can solve
Change the article
a lot

It appears that the phrase lot does not contain the correct article usage. Consider making a change.

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of problems and make peoples unity. In conclusion, any problem has its answer for society,
should be encouraged to spend much more time together.
, a good idea is for everyone to change their minds for the betterment of our society. It is essential for
to make careful decisions towards changes in their lives.
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