Women are better at childcare than men therefore they should focus more on raising children and less on their working life. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

The stereotype about womenkind's less potential for building a career has been spreading over the whole period of human’s intelligent social life.
women’s rights were accepted in the
century, some people still are of the opinion that female’s struggles in work-life are worthless and it is better for them to take proper care of children. In my view,
statement is unfair and
essay will fully reveal my reasons why.
of all, women are not less smart than men as it might be considered by some. It means that the achievement of success is defined only by effort and motivation level. A number of scientific experiments have already proved that a splendid gender is able to think logically in the same way as men.
,females are
humans. That's why they should be accepted in society equally with men. To explain
point of view, I will give an
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.As a girl who has a brother, I can say that we both were risen in the same conditions. It illustrates that the rights of my brother do not differ from mine.
, another reason why I am of
a state is that there is a number of cases when girls achieved impressively high bars in the field they worked in.
For example
, Ariana Grande , the famous singer< has built her career from scratch. In the beginning, literally ,no one believed she would succeed,
, she did and mow her songs hit the top of Billboard nomination of “Hot 100” which is extremely prestigious. Another good example from my own life. I struggled a lot on the way to mastering the skills required for my future job. And now I am running the post of my dreams. In conclusion, I would say womenkind should not be labelled as only mothers and housekeepers. THe has all of the rights and capabilities to reach any of the dreams they have if they truly want it.And I think
opinion will find its support in the future.
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