It is expected that there will be a higher proportion of older people than that of young people in many countries in the future. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

science has made immense progress in the medical world which has made it possible to cure the deadly diseases that come before human beings, it becomes helpless before the will of God. It is believed that in many countries, the future age ratio of the older community will exceed the percentage of the young community, the benefits and harms of which will be discussed in detail in a forthcoming article before I reach a final decision. Primarily, the hand on the head of an older person reflects more experience than the significant benefit attributed to the elders' growing sophistication. Youngers cannot imitate the technique of cleverly solving any difficult task
that is
present in our elders.
For example
, if a company is running at a loss, only the most experienced employees will use their instincts to get them out of trouble and save the company from
, if done without the advice of an adult, it can sometimes be very damaging.
, the wisdom of the elderly can at any time relieve the difficulty faced by a working organization. Be that as it may, with the increase in the measure of seniors, the young population will have less opportunity to engage with their new thinking to do something.
In particular
, it will be challenging for the elderly to adopt new techniques, which have made it much easier to do any work nowadays.
For instance
, in the old days, paper mail was used to convey a message from one place to another, which has become very fast to do through Email, making it difficult for the elderly to use and
, leading to an incomplete job. Though, if a person wants to effort beyond his age, the result can be harmful.
, an increasing symmetry of older people compared to young people can lead to an economic downturn. To conclude, after the increase and decrease in the volume of elderly people mentioned above, I think every human being should work according to his age.
, in one place,
is the positive development to
coordination and in another place, there may be a negative occurrence.
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