Many people lose their income due to CoVid19 pandemic. What solution that can do by government or individual to overcome this problem.

According to coronavirus-19 outbreaks worldwide, some countries put the effort to tackle the circumstance by spending more funds and lockdown that effect to failure of the economic system, making reduce household revenue.
situation, the essay will offer some solutions to get deal with the issue by both governments and people. The main problem of lockdown nation is the struggle of international business, especially tourism and export industries, it means that some population who have ever been working in relative
business, receiving effect on unable sales product like the same.
, reducing family revenue can be alleviated by
having support from the government.
, the Prime Minister should be mention in the effective management in crisis situations and monitored by heard some voices from their people.
For example
, the determination policy should be lockdown in some areas and decrease the rate of taxes for helping the person who lacks money using in daily life. Another equally vital solution is the collaborative of individual and private organisation sessions to inhabit the outbreaks of COVID and the creation of alternative careers for unemployed people. The new normal lifestyle of the community can be seen and maybe occurred new job in the era. Because individual should keep social distancing method that effects to the difficulty of increase more money and communicates by face to face. The huge funds by the major organisations can ameliorate by play an effective role as owner of a new industry in the country.
For instance
, the application for shopping online and cheaper delivery can employ new merchant and some graduates to link
business and develops sustainable jobs onward. To sum up, the issue needs to immediately improve throughout collaboration not only governments or some organisations but
all citizens to stop the widespread of COVID-19.
, the problem should be addressed by developing sustainable employment in each country in order to not rely on just only international industries.
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