Global warming is increasing day by day. What are the causes of global warming and what can be done to eradicate this global problem?

We cannot deny that one of the most dangerous phenomenons on the planet is global warming.
essay will discuss the reason that causes global warming while giving the method on how to resolve the problem. The main factor that causes global warming is human activity that causes CO2 emission to the earth's atmosphere. CO2, which damages ozone layers, is released from many sources
as the burning of car fuel, the process of chemical factory manufacturing, or the recycling process of some materials
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plastic. Many tourist places are affected by these circumstances,
as the great barrier reef
that is
located on the Australian sea. The coral reefs that received greenhouse gas from global warming are bleaching to be white.
situation greatly caused severe effects on sea animals
parrot fishes
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that used to live their life in the
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corals that have their food and minerals in
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, there are several effective methodologies that are able to cure and improve
, the reduction of deforestation can help to decrease CO2 in the atmosphere by leaving the trees to absorb all the toxic gas.
, humans need to change the method of their living to be more ecological friendly by reducing some of the
of several components.
For example
, change from the
of plastic, cotton makeup remover pads, or electricity to the
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the stainless
a stainless

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, fabric
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, or wind power and solar energy
of the unrecyclable ones.
, always do helpful habits of small things, to illustrate, turn off the light bulb
that is
not in
, reduce the
of water during the
summer time
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, or walk up the stairs
of using the elevator. To conclude,
global warming is an inevitable problem that has been passed through many generations for a long time and it seems to not be resolved, in my opinion, if each individual can reduce their environmentally unfriendly habits day by day, in the conclusion, we can successfully save our planet.
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  • Conclusion

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