Some people think that when a person travels into a different culture they should adapt to the local practices and customs. To what extent do you agree?

Globalisation is a phenomenon of
travelling between different countries and cultures to live their lives. Many
believe that an individual should adapt to the destination
's cultures and traditions when they visit another
. I strongly agree with
notion as it helps them to accustom and lead life smoothly without any behavioural differences. In
essay, I will provide reasons to support my opinion with relevant examples.
way of living is very different between nations, which is a common observation from ancient times. It has become a practice for many
to understand the daily practices of the destination
beforehand to accommodate their life without any hurdles. Changing the
habit is one of the important aspects to consider,
for instance
are tasting and practising Sushi, a delicious Japanese
recipe before migrating to make themselves ready for the
culture of Japan.
, these kinds of practices help them to adjust themselves to the
behaviours of any other
. Cultural traditions
bring a huge difference among regions of ages. Every region celebrates festivals and occasions as per their ancient cultures, and the same to be adopted by the new migrants to mingle with the local
. The western countries,
for example
, celebrate the Christmas festival with full of happiness for a longer duration, in which the migrated Indians
take part to enjoy with them to spread happiness to the native
builds a positive harmony between
to respect other religious traditions and customs. In conclusion, the majority of
thinks that an individual should accustom himself to the new practices and customs when they travel to any other
. I agree with
opinion as it helps not only to spread positivity in society but
to make their lives happy.
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