Some argue younger people are not suitable for important positions in the government, while others think this is a good idea. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

ministry jobs carry with them serious responsibilities. It is,
no surprise that a person’s age and understanding come under scrutiny when a stand-in regime needs to be filled. Many feel influential power jobs should be reserved for those who are older and have more maturity, while others feel the criterion for those who stand should be capable, namely whoever is most able to carry out the job.
essay will look at both sides before drawing a logical conclusion. On the one hand, many argue that younger people should be made ineligible for important rule environment, and the implications of
opinion are clear. Those operating at senior levels within a country’s military,
for example
, require field action to prevent disastrous decisions that could cause the needless loss of life. Were younger people allowed to fast track their ascension within a country’s military, they could find themselves having to make crucial choices based more on theoretical study than practical training, and
could have catastrophic results.
, it is understandable why many feel younger union workers should be incubated before being given a promotion to an important point.
, there are several plausible counters to
argument. For one, younger workers bring creativity and fresh ideas to the power.
For example
, young union workers in Canada successfully pushed to increase HIV understanding and dispel stigmas attached to the disease in the 1980s, a development that encouraged tolerance and reduced irrational fear.
In addition
to fresh ideas, it should be remembered that to get a political job, one has to successfully engage in a rigorous screening process. If a younger person engages in
process as well or better than an older person, it is hard to argue that age should be a decisive factor when offering employment. It is clear from these reasons that there is merit to awarding important law career options to younger people.
the above look reveals solid evidence for both sides of the argument, it is felt that the healthiest approach to designating a power stand is to ensure candidates fulfil rigorous training programs.
, a person’s age should not be considered a universal precursor to the awarding of ministry jobs.
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