Nowadays the differences between countries are becoming less evident because people follow the same media. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

Differences among nations are becoming less perceptible these days as
all over the world are sharing the same lifestyle, technology, fashion, foods, advertisements, and entertainment programmes.
As a result
, cultural identity and traditions are in peril. The following essay advocates that the disadvantages outweigh the benefits of
trend. The
benefit of
trend is that international brands can produce goods on a mass scale, and the manufacturing cost becomes cheaper.
As a result
, consumers enjoy the advantage of buying products from global brands at an affordable price.
all over the world share the same culinary experience, and
that is
why they have more food options than ever before.
For example
around the globe can now purchase food based on their preference, whether it is Chinese, Indian or Western food or brands.
trend reduces the cultural barrier and brings
under a common platform where
will have more knowledge and respect about other nations and their customs.
On the contrary
, the globalisation of the fashion, entertainment and culinary industries have some severe negative sides.
, many
abandon their cultural values due to
, which hurts the identity of a country.
, foreign television shows have negative influences on young
. Many global TV channels,
for example
, show programmes that are sensitive to other cultures.
, as these shows are easily accessible nowadays, many young
follow them, and as a consequence, adopt a non-acceptable lifestyle and life choices. In conclusion, the globalisation of fashion, advertising, culinary and entertainment products have both advantages and disadvantages. But, carefully considering both, I strongly feel that it has more negative effects than positive aspects.
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