Consumers are faced with increasing numbers of advertisements from competing companies. To what extent do you think are consumers are influenced by advertisements? What measures can be taken to protect them?

Advertising is becoming increasingly pervasive and
has led some to question its influence on the average person. In my opinion, advertisements are indeed persuasive and most consumers could be better protected if governmental regulations were stricter. Potential customers are greatly influenced, consciously and unconsciously, by advertising. The best evidence for the effectiveness of advertising does not come from scientific studies but
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from the

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continued investment of powerful corporations. Corporations have become more efficient and clever in their use of advertising and
is clearly demonstrated in the growth of companies
as Facebook and Google which generate the majority of revenue from marketing. Advertisers are now able to target specific audience segments online and tailor ads to vulnerable demographics. Often these commercials and posts do not compel an immediate purchase,
, they linger subconsciously in users’ minds and contribute to overall brand awareness.
pervasive advertising can be countered only through laws. Individuals themselves often do not understand the threat or they lack the willpower to stay off the internet, where most advertising now occurs. Law-makers,
in contrast
, have the ability to enact regulations designed to ban certain kinds of advertisements and protect the general populace.
For example
, after
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the United

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States elections in 2016, the government investigated and passed strict
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to limit how foreign powers are able to purchase advertising space on social media to influence politics. Some of these laws should be extended more broadly to the corporate world so that,
for instance
, companies cannot target individuals susceptible to addictive
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by marketing unhealthy foods, videogames, and questionable pharmaceuticals. In conclusion, the amount of investment in the advertising industry clearly shows the tremendous impact of marketing and federal governments are responsible for legislation. If steps are not taken, advertising may do irreparable harm to society in the future.
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