The Internet is now used all around the world as a source of information and communication. However, it's often controversial, so many people think it needs to be controlled. Others believe there should be no interference whatsoever.Discuss both points of view, and give your opinion.

One of the conspicuous trends of today’s modern world is a colossal upsurge in the use of the internet for communication and gaining knowledge but some individuals believe that it should be used in a controlled manner whereas others believe that there shouldn’t be any interruptions.I personally agree with the latter statement as misuse of online media is done to spread terror and crime.
To begin
with, the internet is a boon or bane nowadays is the most debatable and controversial topic.There is a deluge of arguments in favour of my stance. The most preponderance is that criminal activities nowadays has surged by the illegal use of various online platforms.
has lead to the formation of various cyber security agencies which can overview all the illegal activities going on these platforms.
For instance
, research conducted by Oxford University reveals that cybercrime has increased enormously so watch by international agencies is mandatory.
,a lot of news circulated on social networking platforms are fake .
,adequate checkback is important.
For example
, a survey conducted by the Indian Institute of Technology,Ranchi revealed that both public and private organisations should come forward to curb
practice and stringent measures should be taken against lawbreakers.Defamation of any political figure could be done by circulating fake news in
a situation involvement of police and judiciary is important to deliver justice to the affected person. In a nutshell, nowadays use of the internet is very important for educational and research purposes but in my ,opinion check back is crucial to maintain law and order or consequences of its negative outcome would be detrimental for the society in long term.
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