Some people say cultural traditions are destroyed when they are used as money-making attractions aimed at tourists. Others say this is the only way to save such traditions. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

People travel to understand the different culture which exists in different parts of the world and the easiest way to experience them is through the tourist attractions in that place. There is a heated discussion on whether
projects are conserving or degrading the traditions of a place.
insight into the pros and cons of the latter discussion is required to arrive at a proper conclusion. The advantages of showcasing native attractions aimed at tourists are to be discussed
. When the artform or
of a country is displayed in front of a foreign and native crowd, the art and
are preserved and carried on to the
, it can even spur interest in at least some of the viewers to
study about that craft.
preserving the art is important, it is equally important to support the artist, the money the artist receives from performing is great support.
For instance
, people from all over the world travel to India to experience its cultural diversity,
as a result
, there is a huge amount of population working in the
sector and
from coir, bamboo, clay, etc are mainly focusing on a foreign customer. Kathakali, Kathak, are old dance forms that are still performed only because there is demand for them in
, there are many advantages they are often diminished due to the commercialization of the
adversely affect the cultural history of a place. Hotels and holiday companies often charge hefty fees from tourists but the service provided would be cheap and products sold are often fake. The people who perform are often inexperienced and are not having any background in that field,
as a result
, the original tradition is modified and its value is degraded.
For example
, Kathakali a dance form which used to happen overnight is now being performed for just 5 minutes, similar is the case for ayurvedic treatments which lasted for months now is done in a day, even worst is the market for counterfeit
which deals from simple coir products to crystals. In conclusion, looking at the advantages and disadvantages, I believe that converting traditional values into
provides a great opportunity for the natives and will help in preserving the culture,
strict monitoring is required from the authority to make sure that the cultural essence is not lost.
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