You have been living in a rental apartment for the past year. Recently a new neighbour moved in and has been making a lot of noise, which disturbs you. Write a letter to the landlord. In your letter: explain the situation describe why it bothers you suggest a solution

Dear Ms Alyn, I am Isha, your tenant from room no B-15. I am writing to you to bring your attention to the inconvenience I am facing from our new neighbour, Jack, staying at B-13. The issue is that Jack is a night riser guy. He disturbs me at night by playing loud music at midnight and for the past two ,weeks I was not able to complete my sleep well. Because of ,that I use to have frequent headaches and my whole day get inefficient. As, my semester exams are round the corner and I need to study hard,
it will hamper my grades. My mother who is a heart patient is
planning to visit me after my exams and she needs a quiet place and proper sleep because of her medical condition.
, I request you to have a conversation with Jake so that he gets to know about the disturbances he is making in the apartment. Ask him to please use headphones if he wants to play music at night. Expecting your cooperation in
regard. Yours sincerely, Isha
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