You recently flew with an airline and had a problem with the food on the plane. Write a letter to the company. In your letter give the details of the flight explain what the problem with the food was say what the airline should do about it.

Dear Sir, I am writing
letter to draw your attention to the
that was served to us during the flight. I am Isha Sharawat, took a flight from Delhi to Tokyo on 20 September 2021. My flight number was FI7890 and my seat number was A47. I would like to mention the problem I have faced,
, the service was very poor. I had ordered the vegetarian
and requested the attendant to serve me a little fast as yesterday was my fast and I left today morning early to reach the airport on time without having breakfast. But the attendant served me the
after one hour and it was the wrong order as she brought non-vegetarian dishes. After that, she again took an hour to serve me a meal and the quality of the meal was pathetic. It was cold and stale and tasted bitter as if it was very old. I did not eat the
during the trip. Because of ,that I felt nausea.
, I request you to check the whole matter with the crew staff and I want the airline to refund me the amount of money deducted for the meals as compensation.
, the airline should check the
before serving it to the people. Hoping to see your reply soon. Yours faithfully, Isha
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