Every day people see advertisements encouraging them to buy products they might not need or might not be able to afford. To what extent do you think people are influenced by advertising?

Nowadays, social media from TV to the Internet are overfilled by commercials and encouraging people to buy products that they don't need. I am inclined to believe advertisements have a tremendous influence on the population.
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regarding many ,psychologists
is a malady and is called shopaholism.
, according to how social media develops, commercial spread rapidly. The number of broadcast on the Internet have increased more than 1000% since 2010 and are still expanding. Advertisement’s area is evolving and has many ways to influence the potential buyers consciously.
For example
: many online shopping applications know what customers buy and offer something similar with a discount.
, many search systems
as Google gather information about customer preferences and regarding
data provide suitable in their opinion offers. I am convinced that the Internet is overfilled by ad publications and has a tremendous influence on users preferences.
, according to Social Data Researches number of shopaholics are increasing gradually. Regarding reports every
individual buys something useless or disposable, each fourth individual buys totally unsuitable stuff and admits
case that they are shopaholics, and only each fifty individual admits
fact that he or she needs a psychologist's help. According to research, the number of people with addiction has been increasing since the
millennium. No doubt about the fact that advertisements are affected negatively. In a nutshell, commercials are evolving, expanding and conquering many social media platforms.
, myriads of customers suffer from shopaholism and some of them do not realise
fact that they are influenced by aggressive commercials.
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