Many people are involved in sports when they are young but stop once they are adults why do many adults stop doing physical exercise ? what can be done about this problem ?

Many people at a young age exhibit interest in participating in
. But due to reasons like career priorities and improper time-management, they tend to discontinue these exercises.
can be solved by creating awareness about the importance of
in daily routine and by conducting
workshops online. To start with, there are various reasons behind people dropping the physical exercises from day-to-day life is that,
, during adolescence children often end up choosing career paths related to science and
, tend to focus less on
co-curricular activities like
For instance
, a student in the tenth standard is put under immense pressure to obtain marks. But he is not emphasized managing both
and studies.
leads the student into improper time-management and
learns to compromise on his special interests like
, the child is not emphasized to manage with both. Even though, the child obtains a good score he fails to enjoy his interests.
, to overcome these issues schools can emphasize scoring high points in subjects like
as well.
in turn will motivate the child to perform well in
as well as other subjects. Yet another solution is by creating an awareness campaign on the importance of exercise in day-to-day life.
As a result
, the adults and children will allocate time for physical activities in their daily routine.
workshops conducted online
help elders to manage both exercise and work easily. To conclude, programs
as online
workshops, awareness programs on physical exercise and teaching time-management techniques in schools will ensure that people of all age groups indulge in physical activities.
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