The media should include more stories which report good news. To what extent do you argree or disagree?

There is a view that the mass media should increase its coverage with articles containing good news. From my perspective, I completely stand with
point of view for some reasons.
To begin
with, it is important to acknowledge that the media, nowadays, is inundated with negative stories, exerting deleteriously impacts on people, particularly the vulnerable youngsters.
is because current films often comprise of few crime and violent scenes.
For example
, criminal psychology movies can give the younger audiences an undesirable chance to learn the process of how committing a crime, resulting in raising their potential to access illegal activities.
, news surrounding the severity of natural disasters
as global warming, greenhouse effect makes people more pessimistic about the future, dampening their efforts to prevent
global issues.
, the media should be covered more stories with meaningful and encouraging content.
is to say that an article reporting a group of students is contributing to environmental preservation by their trivial actions like picking the garbage on the street can mean delivering stimulating awareness to people.
As a result
, they will feel a sense of admiration while they are reading.
, if there were no benefits of
valuable message, the public could not grasp the meaning of a law-abiding mindset, and gradually stay away from criminal activities.
, citizens will coexist harmoniously in a community in the absence of offence In conclusion, I absolutely agree with the point of view that more and more worthy articles should be published for theirs advantages bringing to.
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