Some people feel that the legal age at which people can marry should be at least 21. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

There has been an assumption that 21 is the youngest age for people to get married legally. From my perspective, I completely disagree with
essay will elaborate more on the reasons for the disapproval.
of all, it is widely known that everyone is able to fully take legal responsibility when they reach 18.
means that they are recognized as citizens who have the right to make choices relating to their own matters, including marriage. Marriage,
of being considered as marital status, should be comprehended as the final decision of both sides whose agreement is accepted by the law.
For instance
, two eighteen-year-old teenagers fall in love with each other; and they come to the decision of engagement. It is the obligations to themselves and the society that makes their settlement an accurate decision.
, as long as they commit to the life of living together, there is no reason to prevent them from making a new move.
, some may argue that people will normally be more mature in their 21 when compared with themselves three years before that, especially in terms of finance.
, as a matter of fact, the two points of time make no significant financial difference. These are the periods when a person starts his or her adventure whether it is to continue with the study or to figure out the passions. Individuals who are aware of their responsibilities are kinds of independent persons from a young age. They are capable of taking good care of themselves, working to earn their living, and dealing with a wide range of hurdles. Take Mark Zuckerberg as an example. He has become a millionaire since his college time because he was conscious of his self-respect and the importance of working at that time.
, 18 or 21 indeed has no distinction. Once they comprehend the sense of being responsible, they will certainly do their utmost to adapt and improve their living standards. In conclusion, it is irrational to make people wait until they are 21 for getting married. All individuals are able to settle down once they are legally responsible for their choices.
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