7. You're working overseas in an international company. You are leaving the country in emergency. Write a letter to your friends explaining the situation. In the letter, you should - apologise for leaving like this - explain what happened - tell them what you're going to miss about working with them

Dear John Hope you are doing well.I'
letter to inform you that I'
leaving for India tomorrow morning.I know that it is an abrupt decision especially as the appraisal for the yearly bonus will be held soon at the company's headquarters.I'
really sorry for not meeting you all before leaving. Unfortunately,I have to rush back home as my grandmother is sick and hospitalised for breathlessness.You know that I'
very close to her as she is the one who bought me and I have always stayed with her before coming to the USA.She is missing me and has requested me to come back to see her.I will not be joining back
branch again as the company will find a replacement for my position to finish the backlog work. I had a lovely time with you all in the company.I can never forget those initial days when I was finding it hard to settle and adjust to the climate, and food.
,it was all thanks to you that I was able to overcome homesickness.I doubt I can find
a pleasant working atmosphere in my hometown.I will always miss you and hope that you can give me an opportunity to host you when you visit India. Take care and keep in touch. Your loving friend. Rehana Begum
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