The number of people who are at risk of serious health problems due to being overweight is increasing. What is the reason for the growth in overweight people in society? How this problem be solved?

In the present, there is a significant surge of an overweight population which leads to an increase in numbers of non-communicable disease-related cases
as DM, HT and etc. Several factors are suspected as follow.
, the primary cause is an unhealthy diet, particularly in terms of fast food consumption. Due to busy schedule, especially in the cities. A proper meal seems to be impossible.
, many have turned to fast-food restaurants, by their name, customers can receive food in a timely manner.
type of cuisine usually consists of high fat and sugar concentration.
, thanks to advancements in innovation, physical activities are less required than in the past.
For example
in particular
, lower-class groups in the past need to walk for miles as they have no money to pay for a better transportation method. On top of that, agriculture was the main source of income which high physical labour was a core. Meanwhile, nowadays, people can go anywhere via public transportations
as buses, taxis and etc.
, people now mostly work in an office. Respectively, sustainable solutions have to emphasise solving the causes. Introducing a more healthy diet and preventing secondary lifestyle are a must to ensure effective weight control.
can be done by including a healthy lifestyle practice in school.
For example
, the healthy lunch program like in Japan, promoting a better understanding of nutritious menus and usage of local ingredients.
In addition
, an interactive PE class or sports club is suggested to encourage more exercise in children. In conclusion, various causes are contributing to an increase in overweight percentage, mainly in secondary lifestyle and improper eating patterns. Implementation of knowledge regarding health education from a young age is a key to ensuring lifelong effective maintaining one's health.
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