These days, more and more people move away from the area where they were born and brought up when they become adults. Do the advantages of this development outweigh the disadvantages?

Undoubtedly, in today's fast-paced era, the trend of immigration has been skyrocketed. The majority of young adults leave their home province while being mature.
phenomenon has its own boons as well as pitfalls. Notwithstanding,
disquisition delves into both outlooks, and
explores why drawbacks supersede the benefits. Apparently, the key plus point of migrating to a foreign country could be in search of personal development and quality of life. The fact is that many of these youngsters might be born in a populous nation where the resources of education, healthcare and employment are not enough, which is the fundamental requirement of an individual to live a life with fulfilment and a sense of achievement. Sometimes it
could be possible that younglings are extremely intelligent and knowledgeable but are deprived of getting chances to clinch success;
, immigration happens. Almost one person from one family, for exemplification, migrates to the USA from India, seeking not only individual betterment but
to fulfil their family's need.
, these emigrated youth contribute to hosting countries' tax systems to a certain level, on which the welcoming bucolic's economy is dependent to a great level.
has seen a great number of drawbacks. The main negative point here might lose
an intelligent professional to developed nations, for the sake of lacking opportunities in their motherland.
is called 'brain drain when knowledgeable and highly educated people migrate to developed regions, and developing nations could face a paucity of educative communities. I believe
trend is not beneficial for their birth land.
, at a personal level
, many younglings face inequality, racial issues, feeling of avoidance from the people of the host province, which is enough to dwindle down a strong person's confidence and dedication. A survey by GNA (Guardian Newspaper of America) stated that, due to cultural differences and racism movements, many people in the USA faced emotional trauma and post-traumatic stress disorders, in the
10 years.
, immigration is not always can be advantageous. To conclude, having advanced both standpoints, I recapitulate that there are numerous benefits as well as demerits;
, what I feel is disadvantages outweigh advantages
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