1. You are planning a 2-day work training outside your city next month. Write a letter to the manager of the hotel regarding the accommodation arrangements for your visit. In your letter, you should: • introduce yourself and your company • ask the availability of their rooms • tell him / her your every arrangement and needs.

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing
letter with the connection of company’s upcoming training event near to your hotel in the upcoming month. I hope you are able to assist me with the required accommodation facilities are mentioned below. My name is Akshay Thakare. I am working as vice-president in XYZ company. Our company is in the automobile industry. We are having training on 4th, 5th April.
year we had a nice experience from your side so again we decided to come back to you for
year too. I prefer 10 rooms for 10 employees who are going to attend the training. We
demand to you that please provide a projector, laptops and cleaned chairs, tables in the conference room. I am clearly aware of peak season in the
month. Kindly try to arrange the rooms as per our requirements. You can send me the quotation of bill and rent of equipment for two days training period. I look forward to hearing from your side. Yours faithfully, Akshay
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