You recently attended a conference and you would like to give a presentation about the information you gained by attending the conference. Write a letter to your manager asking for permission to give a presentation. In your letter: describe what type of presentation you have in mind what topics it would cover and how long it would take who should participate in the presentation and where should it be conducted You do NOT need to write any address. You should write at least 150 words.

Dear Sir, I am pleased to inform you that I am planning to give a presentation on ways to reduce the carbon footprints to protect our environment. I recently had an opportunity to attend a conference about the environmental impact due to human activities.
, I am planning to cover topics on emissions of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere due to our dependence on cars and the benefits of alternative energy sources.
In addition
, it would create general awareness among our employees to conserve energy and I believe it would take approximately an hour to complete the presentation.
, I had plans to invite all employees and the CEO of our department to participate in the meeting. I had booked a venue in our new campus on the 24th of January 2022. I would be grateful if you could provide approval for the same and I think
would definitely promote awareness to everyone in the meeting. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, JD
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