Write a letter to the manager of a cinema (movie theatre) about a jacket you have left behind after a film. In your letter: Describe the jacket Describe where you were seated Explain what you want to be done

Dear Sir or Madam, I am writing to let you know that I have forgotten to take my jacket with me after the movie. I watched the afternoon show on Saturday 3 January 2021, I believe that I have left my jacket in the cinema hall. Let me give you some more details. It is a red colour one with a picture of an eagle on the right sleeve. It looks a little fancy and that will make it easy for you to identify it.
, I was seated in the
row, and my seat number was 204. As I recall, it should be on the seat or fallen somewhere near. I would kindly request you to take the jacket and have it with you until I collect it. I will try to make a visit to the theatre at my earliest, most probably during the coming weekend.
, you can call me on 01131249, if you have any information regarding
matter. Thank you for your consideration, Yours faithfully, James Cameron
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