Your local bookshop has invited members of the public to recommend a guest speaker for an upcoming event that will include a series of talks from well-known people. Write an letter to the bookshop. In your letter • suggest a speaker • say what they would contribute to the event • explain why other people would be interested too

Dear Sir, I am writing
letter to share my opinion of electing a guest speaker for the event which will be organized soon in our area. There are several speakers who are quite popular in our country.
, I believe Chetan Bhagat is the most appropriate personality in all of them in terms of long talking. There are extremely successful events done by him. So,
man will take our event to the peak as he is a writer as well as a motivational speaker. He would serve his motivational opinions related to not committing suicide and how we can run our business successfully. In our neighbourhood and even in the nearby areas a lot of people are dealing with the problems like unemployment, and most of the businessmen losing hope because of not having expected sales. I feel there will be a huge crowd in the hope of finding the solution in his talks. I hope
idea will be helpful for all of us. Yours Sincerely, Swati Arora
Submitted by Arjun on

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The Greeting

Depending on the style and aim of the letter, you will need to adapt your greeting.

Always start an informal letter in the ways:

  • Dear + name
  • Hi / Hello + name

‘Dear...’ is more appropriate, so stick with this.

For a formal letter there are two options for the greeting:

  • Use Dear Sir or Madam if you don’t know the name of the person you are writing to.
  • Use Dear + surname if you do know their name, e.g. Dear Mr Smith or Dear Mrs Jones.

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