Some people prefer to spend their lives doing the same things and avoiding change. Other, however, think that change is always a good thing. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Most people enjoy to do repeated circumstances and avoid new things, according to some people. Others,
, opine that it is a better way to do something different. In my opinion, almost everyone should try to do what they have not done it before. Both sides along with my perspectives linked to the topic will be outlined in the following paragraphs. There are various arguments in favour of spending their lives doing the same things. The most important one is the specific knowledge they will receive. Regardless of the university's degree, almost all office workers do not desire to not only work in different workspaces but
learn something new. Without a wide range of knowledge, they tend to be an expert in their fields.
, they probably share their unique knowledge with other nations and gain a lot of reputation. Senior workers,
for example
, who work for a big company are more likely to be specialists in their jobs.
, there are a host of arguments supporting that a good thing is always doing something new.
and foremost, one significant counterargument is an overall increase of an individual's capacity. There is a universal consensus that if some people get out of their comfort zone, they tend to improve many aspects of their lives, which, in turn, might well result in the improvement of other skills, including leadership, negotiation, and countless professional skills.
As a result
, digital innovations and technological advancements probably will be created by thinking in new ways. An outstanding example would be that a variety of advanced technologies are produced by those who spend their time in whatever they have never done. To sum up, even though there are many reasons supporting that some should do the same thing without any changes, I am of the opinion that they should get out of their comfort zones. Unless most entrepreneurs or workers deny change, it is more likely that they will innovate new products that help other lives.
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