Write a letter to the manager of a cinema (movie theatre) about a jacket you have left behind after a film. In your letter: Describe the jacket Describe where you were seated Explain what you want to be done

Dear Sir/ Madam
Change the capitalization

It appears that the word sahar may be a proper noun in this context. Consider capitalizing the word.

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Mokhtari, one of the
Change to a plural noun

The singular countable noun audience follows the quantifier one, which requires a plural noun. Consider using a plural noun or a different quantifier.

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of your cinema who attended watching a "Good Old day" on Monday, January 2nd. I am writing a letter to inform you regarding an item of clothing I have left behind in the movie theatre. Yesterday, when I got back home from the cinema hall, I noticed that I had not had my
with me and I realized that I have most probably lost it when I was watching a movie. It is a brown leather
with two straight zippers on the front and there is a small rip, almost
Correct your spelling

The word unnoticible is not in our dictionary. If you’re sure this spelling is correct, you can add it to your personal dictionary to prevent future alerts.

, on the left sleeve. I imagine I am likely to have left the
where I was sitting in
Add an article
the light

The noun phrase light seems to be missing a determiner before it. Consider adding an article.

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of the fact that I distinctly recall taking it off because the venue was too sizzling compared to
Add an article
the outside

The noun phrase outside temperature seems to be missing a determiner before it. Consider adding an article.

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temperature. As far as I remember, my seat was in row 24 B;
, since I threw my ticket out right after leaving the place, I am not able to clear out my seat number. I,
, am assured of having been seated somewhere in the vicinity of the middle passage between the left and
right wing
Add a hyphen

It appears that right wing is missing a hyphen. Consider adding the hyphen(s).

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of the hall. I would immensely appreciate it if you can locate my
and either send it to my address which will be written in the footnote of
letter, or let me know so that I can pick it up on Thursday on my way back home. I am looking forward to your response. Kind Regards Sahar Mokhtari
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Word Count

IELTS says that you should write a minimum of 150 words in writing task 1. If you go under word count you will lose marks in task response.

A very long letter will not give you a higher band score.

Aim for between 160 to 190 words in writing task 1. This will ensure a concise letter and will be realistic in terms of time management. You have only 20 minutes to write the letter and you need around 5 minutes of planning time, so you will not be able to write a long letter in 15 minutes.

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