Many adults nowadays prefer spending their free time playing computer games. Is this a positive or negative development?

fast-evolving world, with the advent of technology, numerous people squander most of their time in front of screens as a form of leisure rather than relishing in outdoor activities. Today addiction towards computer games has tremendously risen not only among youngsters but is observed in adults too.
, I completely affirm that spending enormous freedom on gaming can result in escalating loneliness and depleting productivity. It is irrefutable that playing computer games for longer durations without rest leads individuals to glue their eyes on the screen thereby compelling them to sit in the same position for an extremely prolonged duration.
In addition
, there will be less interaction with friends and family because they will indulge themselves in their own virtual world.
As a result
adversely affects their mental and physical well-being giving rise to depression.
would not be possible had the time spent were not colossal.
For instance
, players playing Counter-Strike are found to be more aggressive and short-tempered.
, owing to the fact that even during work, people tend to wonder day in and day out about gaming making them lose their focus.
, because of
, they do not pay heed to their work and delay their activities.
, it becomes exceptionally arduous for them to achieve targets and complete their goals overwhelming the fact that
a habit is quite hazardous for one’s life.
For example
, a recent study revealed that gamers who spent more than 15 hours gaming have been found to be victims of anxiety, insomnia and obesity leading them to face troubles while at work due to lesser concentration. To sum up,
playing games can be accepted to a certain extent, I am of the opinion that if
continues for longer durations,
it can have drastic repercussions not only on the individual but
on the people around him.
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