Some people feel that there should be a fixed punishment for each type of crime. Others feel that the circumstances of an offense should be taken into account when deciding on a punishment. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Some would argue that coeducation is not good, while others believe it is beneficial for the future. While studying in a single-sex school can give you the utmost privacy, I strongly believe in mixed education because it prepares us for
ahead. On the one hand, education in a single-sex institute could prevent the identity of others. Female students do not get harassment messages or calls from the opposite sex. It gives satisfaction and calmness to the guardians.
, they are pretty safe not to fall under age love affairs.
For example
, in, India more than thousands of students die due to early love relationships while studying in
or colleges.
, it gives us a sense of security but does not provide us with real-
, I think mixed
might be the best to grow as a human. On the other side in most, cases coeducation helps grow socially and professionally. While people study in a mixed-gender institute, they get to know another gender and the same gender.
knowledge helps when they start a conjugal
or work in a gender-equal multinational organization.
For instance
, most of the global fortune five hundred companies directors are from mixed
, I believe that boys and girls are in separate
do not make them mature enough to handle after student
. In conclusion,
same-gender educational institutes provide security, it does not make people strong enough for upcoming
events, and it is better if we choose a coeducation system.
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