many manufactured food and drink products contain high level off sugar, which causes many health problems. Sugary products should be made more expensive to encourage people to consume less sugar. Do you agree or disagree?

In the current world, a lot of sustainment may have been added to too many unhealthy things. And
may influence people’s mental or physical issues. Some claim that the prices of products that use too much sugar should be higher. While others concern that it is none of their business. In my opinion, I do agree that we should make those junk foods harder to get.
essay is going to discuss what consequences it has got and my own opinions.
, those usually contain lots of fat and sugar. These toxic materials may have sensational results.
For example
, the ingredients of ice cream are only sugar and fat. As long as you eat too much of these things, it may lead to heart diseases or vessel problems.
As a result
, these fatal substances not only make you more obese but
impact the nation’s economy. Take England
for example
, they have discovered that there were more than half of their population did not have a healthy body, and the result was that those sick ones could not devote themselves to labour markets.
reason reduced its competitiveness and cultivated tax rules to be created.
, there are several ways to mitigate the folk to buy these deadly foods. Some countries have already processed that they have more taxation on unnecessary nourishment.
, the prices would be higher than those healthy ones.
For instance
, tobacco is an extremely unhealthy thing. The authorizations in Taiwan had increased their price. And
did alleviate the number of its selling. To conclude, it is clear that the governments already have their methods to prevent their citizens from eating in an inappropriate way.
, people should stand with their governments to achieve
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