In a number of countries, some people think it is necessary to spend large sums of money on constructing railway lines for very fast trains between cities. Other believe the money should be spent on improving existing public transport. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Investing in infrastructure improvement has become an important issue in several nations, which brings the disputation between expenditure on new railways or improving public transport. Both viewpoints are beneficial themselves, so in my opinion, governments should spend on the two above-mentioned motifs in balance. On one hand, considering new railroads for very fast trains has several advantages which would be worth it to argue.
, it probably reduces migration from near cities, e.g. to work or study, and people could commute easily from their own town to the destination in a short period, which
, hindering over-populated cities to grow.
, it encourages people to use trains rather than their own autos which result in less fuel consumption,
, financial benefits for the government. To illustrate, authorities would trade the saved fuels with other countries if the population have been encouraged to not use private vehicles.
On the other hand
, enhancing public transport would improve various aspects from air quality to public health of the society. As a primary consequence, the population would be inspired to use the buses and subways if the public transport system has improved which result in advancing road safety by declining the number of accidents.
, a smaller number of automobiles would descend the amount of carbon dioxide and noise pollution which help with public health.
For example
, a lot of people in metropolitans
as Tehran and New York, suffer from mental and physical problems like anxiety and asthma. In my opinion, both approaches are worthy to invest in because they could reduce traffic congestion and commuting time, which leads to more satisfaction and happiness by referring to more hours for family gatherings or just to hang out. Recent studies,
for instance
, showed that playing time at work or solving crosswords,
in other words
, providing leisure time, would improve employees’ satisfaction as well as productivity. To conclude, investment in both very fast trains between cities and enhancing inner city transports have a lot of advantages and I believe that authorities should trade-off the money between.
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