Being a celebrity- such as famous film star or sports personality – brings problems as well as benefits. Do you think that being a celebrity brings more benefits or more problems?

The life of a celebrity is no less than a live reality show. Celebrities
as renowned movie stars or athletes encounter both problems and benefits.
some might argue that
kind of life welcomes constant threats and violates privacy, I considerably support the idea that its impact on an individual, in terms of luxury and unique exposures outweighs disadvantages. To commence with, the life of a star has some drawbacks
. One of them is getting frequent threats from an enemy. Famous public figures are always in search of extensive security for their protection.
For instance
, the cars’ windows of film actors or sportsmen are tinted and additional vehicles are always accompanied with them for safeguarding. Another disadvantage is that they cannot roam around the streets freely like the regular person because of the massive fans’ following. As a coin has a flip side too, there are many merits of being a celebrity. Wealth creation is the main advantage of
In other words
, well-known personalities build academies
as music and sports institutes for beginners
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and earn a great deal of side profit that even if they grow old they will never go bankrupt.
For example
, long-lived public figures have their own training centres and they
invest money in film production now. Another advantage is that they have a wide range of travelling experiences mainly international travels for different reasons;
exposures groom them and make their lives more pleasurable. To conclude,
essay has discussed,
well-known individuals receive continuous threats and cannot live like a normal person,
, there are more merits of living on a wall of fame
as luxurious lifestyles and diversified experiences.
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