Some people view teenage conflict with their parents as a necessary part of growing up, whilst others see it as something negative which should be avoided. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

There is no doubt that adolescence can be a difficult period for both youngsters and their
some people believe that conflict at
time does more harm than good, I would argue
, the reason being it would play an essential role in turning them into mature. On the one hand, those who believe adolescent arguments can break the trust between the children and their
is because
disputes will often result in misunderstandings amongst the families.
For example
, it is quite common for youngsters to indulge in wrongdoings to impress their peers, but the results of it would bring confrontations with
which in turn can create communication gaps in future.
In contrast
, if
that is
there will be a much greater sense of happiness among family members.
On the other hand
, my impression is that these conflicts are vital because they will help teenagers to take their own stand and help them mature.
For instance
, a child may grow up in a family of doctors but he is completely against becoming one.If they don't voice out their interest, they will be going against their dreams.
, if they are willing to engage in clashes with their
, their conscience will be much clearer despite the agony of the argument. In conclusion, in spite of the harmony of the relationship being damaged, I firmly believe that
friction is a crucial step on the path to the development of maturity and independent thinking in adolescents.
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