Many old buildings are protected by law because they are part of a nation's history. However, some people think old buildings should be knocked down to make way for new ones because people need houses and offices. How important is it to maintain old buildings? Should history stand in the way of progress?

Because of their historical significance, antique constructions are protected by the
in order to preserve their structural and cultural qualities.
, some say that repurposing existing buildings to make room for new infrastructures is more in line with societal evolution. Despite the necessity of preserving historic
, I believe that history should not stand in the way of progress.
To begin
with, while it is widely recognized that preserving historic
is important, the necessity to establish new locations for citizens outweighs that protection.
In particular
, the
focuses on conserving a large number of historical moments originating from old
for educational purposes for the younger generation. Sanno Shrine gate,
for example
, was badly damaged after the United States launched a nuclear strike on Japan during World War II, but it is kept maintained by the Japanese
to increase public awareness regarding wars.
, maintaining the safety of old
requires a significant amount of time and money from the
As a result
, the only area of significance should be conserved. On the other side, as medical and educational advancements advance, the population grows rapidly, resulting in an increase in the demand for more housing and working places.
In particular
, due to the rapid increase in population density in cities, housing issues are always the
to gain attention. Regardless of the benefits, it is necessary to demolish old
to create
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for newer ones.
As a result
, the best things for human progress should take precedence over historical events. To summarize, it is evident that preserving old
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is not only important but
required for each country's tourism sector.
, the
should only protect the most vital areas in order to free up space for other parts to thrive.
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