Living in a a country where you have to speak foreign Language can cause serious social. problems, as well as practical problems. To What extent do you agree or dis agrees

The idea that, whether or not dwelling in a nation where an individual has to speak a foreign language can pose social and practical issues, remains a source of controversy. I completely agree with the fact that sound barriers can create serious communal and practical complexities. In the first place, the key reason behind my agreement is that not knowing the local dialect can act as a barrier in terms of getting a
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job. To elucidate
, Companies
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not only look after capable employees but
seek someone who can speak the native voice fluently. so it is inevitable to learn the voice if someone wants to abode in another Country. A survey conducted by ILO in 2015 in the UK,
for example
, revealed that on average, 30% of
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immigrants do not get a good job because of the language hurdles.
, it is clear why learning the local sound is essential. Is there any other reason behind
? Certainly, there are. Language barriers are responsible for communication problems in foreign countries. To decipher
. it might be hard to make new friends
as well as
strengthen the bond with the neighbours. an article
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by -'The Times' - concluded that,
for instance
, almost 40% of the individuals who move in
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Live in isolation because of their inability to create new friends in the neighbourhood.
, if a person is reluctant to learn the speech, it would impose a plethora of social and professional problems in his life. To summarize, in spite of acquiring a new speech might be hard, it would be much harder to survive in another nation without it.
, immigrants should learn the accent before shifting to the targeted country.
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