You are unhappy about a plan to make your local airport bigger and increase the number of flights. You live near the airport. Write a letter to your local newspaper. In your letter explain where you live describe the problem give reasons why you do not want this development

Dear Sir or Madam, As a local resident, I would like to protest the development of our local
as it would bring many negative consequences. I am writing to request you to publish an editorial in your newspaper regarding the problems the expansion of the local
would cause. I live near the Bogra International
where more than two thousand citizens, including children and older people, reside. Living near the
is already difficult as harsh noises are frequent, especially at night when the aeroplanes land or depart the runway. If the number of flights is increased, the noise will become unbearable.
could result in immense distress to the people.
, it would worsen the traffic condition of the adjacent roads.
, the
authority wants to expand the area; so our lovely park, which is essential for every citizen of
locality, will be diminished. Due to
, everyone in our locality is against
proposed development. If you agree with me, please publish an editorial in your newspaper to disagree with
unnecessary and detrimental development. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully, Shohag Khan
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