Some people say that parents should encourage their children to take part in organised activities in their free time. Others say that it is important for children to learn how to occupy themselves on their own. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Parenting is a huge challenge for any married couple ,especially how to shape them for the future or if their children's behaviour is worrisome how to tackle
issue and so on? It is believed that adolescents should be boosted by their elders to participate in well-managed exercises in their spare time, whilst it is considered by some masses that it is crucial for teens to allow them to know how to engage themselves on their own. In
essay, I will explain both views along with reasons, and examples and in the end will make my personal views.
, Parents should motivate their little ones to be more methodized because it will shun them to be involved in low-grade society activities. Children's minds are not fully grown up so dictating gives them a sense of judgment that makes them good society builders. To cite an example, Teens who have well-managed childhood are more successful lives, according to The World Parenting Magzine. Another reason is
teens are good time exexecutionersin their job lives which makes them the best achievers because they can finish their targets within the assigned time frame.
, Some individuals are thought that permitting teenagers to keep busy on their own will make them the perfect decision-maker in the future.
, It elevates their searching domain for everything as they have to go forward on their own without external interference. To illustrate, many of my friends that have successful businesses have no parenting pressure during their childhood tenure.
, they are easygoing in every circumstance, since they have the guts to stand out in each difficulty. To summarise, both sides of the argument have their own perks and flaws, On balance,
, It seems that fathers should pressurize their small ones because It allows them to be good listeners as these qualities later in life are more important, especially in a workplace or during married life.
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