Some people think that people who choose a job early and keep doing it are more likely to get a satisfying career life than those who frequently change jobs. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

modern era, The competition for getting a job and successful life is growing rapidly. On the other ,hand some
believe that choosing a job early and persistence in it would help them to get a satisfying career, It is obvious, Wherewith
who frequently change jobs. I will
explain a logical conclusion about why I don't agree with the same.
To begin
with, there are myriad reasons, The
one is limited growth of person due to the same work every day, To elucidate
, Following the same routine every day and doing the same thing will limit their creative mind and make them numb,
For instance
, A survey conducted in 2015 in India Concluded that
who change their job and continuously challenge their brain were more likely to be happy.
results in better efficiency. Is there any other reason behind my agreement? Certainly, there are. Humans tend to get bored after doing the same thing every day,
how can someone do the same work all his life and be happy? To elaborate on
, one should always keep changing and trying new things as it will make them interested in what they are doing,
For example
who frequently shift their work are seen as much experienced
given raise and good salary than previous one.
as a result
, Leads their profile to look good and adds more value to them. To conclude, I strongly believe that we should keep exploring and upgrading ourselves for better opportunities and growth which will eventually lead us to a successful life helping us to enjoy more and stress less
making our mental health stronger.
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