In some cultures, childrens are often told they can achieve anything if they try hard enough. What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving children this message?

In some countries, people think they should exaggerate the abilities of
and it is a cultural habit among them. So they usually tend to tell
that they could achieve anything if be hardworking.
giving motivation would help younger people to have more confidence, it could have some negative points if they do not reach their goals. On the one hand,
is irrefutable that confidence and credibility are influenced by your beliefs;
, hearing some positive sentences could raise your trust in yourself.
means that, even if your duty is hard, you may have enough energy to reach the prospect. A good example of
idea is my son when I enrolled him on a music class. At
, he thought that could not play any musical instrument, yet, after many encouragements from his tutor found the way and now he is an excellent player.
On the other hand
cultural belief may not work in any situation.
, sometimes
may have not enough creativity to reach their ambitions.
, without any doubt on some occasions, the final result is affected by outer conditions which they could not have any control over . These reasons will probably produce undesirable results which make inappropriate feelings
as disappointment, anxiety or stress. A survey conducted by an Iranian university in 2021 showed that over one-fifth of the younger generation feel defeat as they worked hard for acceptance in a public university and ensure to achieve, but the result was different. In conclusion, while knowing positive thoughts and believing in yourself is a great approach to growing youngsters' trust in their ability, I would say, it should be based on talents and reality.
, parents could help
to know themselves and forecast every outcome. So
is less probability of feel frustration even if the issue will not their will.
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