Last month you had an overseas holiday with some friends where you stayed at their house. They have just sent you some holiday photos. Write a letter to your friends. In your letter:

Hi John and Laura, How are you both? I hope
letter finds you well.
a short time since we
saw each other, it feels much longer. Thank you so much not only for
a memorable holiday but
for the lovely photos that you sent of our holiday together. It brought it all back to me so vividly. Staying with you and seeing where you live was a real eye-opener for me. Australia is certainly a scenic
Add an article
a country
the country

The noun phrase country seems to be missing a determiner before it. Consider adding an article.

show examples
with remarkable landscape and wildlife, particularly up in the north where you are. Sorry, it has taken me so long to write back and thank you. Almost as soon as we landed back in the UK, my mother became sick. Since
we’ve been running around looking after her and getting carers sorted out. She seems to be improving now and hopefully will be back to normal soon.
month, we’ll be celebrating our Wedding Anniversary and we’d be delighted if you could come over to celebrate it with us. It’ll be a chance for you to meet the rest of the family and see a bit of England. Of course, you must stay with us. There’s plenty of room and we’ll pick you up at the airport. I really hope you can make it. Take care and write back soon. Sandra
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The Greeting

Depending on the style and aim of the letter, you will need to adapt your greeting.

Always start an informal letter in the ways:

  • Dear + name
  • Hi / Hello + name

‘Dear...’ is more appropriate, so stick with this.

For a formal letter there are two options for the greeting:

  • Use Dear Sir or Madam if you don’t know the name of the person you are writing to.
  • Use Dear + surname if you do know their name, e.g. Dear Mr Smith or Dear Mrs Jones.

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