Some people believe that professional workers such as doctors and teachers should be paid more than sports and entertainment personalities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

While many believe that professional occupations should be earned higher money, others argue that sportsmen and music celebrities should get a larger amount of money. I totally agree with the former argument, and the reason will be elaborated on in
To begin
with, it might be sensible for some to claim that sports and entertainment personalities that benefit society are useless.
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because they might perceive that these actions are unproductive, and athletes and musicians cannot contribute to the community. bring obtain qualifications and contribute to the community. Numerous entertainers,
for instance
, tend to encourage their participants to join paid movie programs or music playlists
of participating in social activities
as vaccine developments. From
perspective, it might be understandable for many to consider sports and superstars to be purposeless.
, I would personally argue in favour of working in professional fields deserved to get well-paid, seeing that the people
as doctors and teachers play an essential role in fostering a more beneficial
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health services and education systems. Doctors who have a lot of effort,
for instance
, carry out the duties of their positions to develop vaccines and medicine.
As a result
of medical advancements to boost the efficiency of healthcare, people around the world would get better health.
, in
respect, it is evident that expertise can provide significant advantages to global populations and their society. In conclusion,
it is undeniable that athletes and celebrities ought to be received higher salaries, I am of the opinion that the profession should get paid higher money in order to create generations of people’s well-being and education in the long run.
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