Write a letter to a transport office about a problem with the transportation system in your area. Describe the situation you are facing Why do you consider it a problem What change would you like to recommend

Dear Sir or Madam, As a resident of the Lokhandwala neighbourhood, I would like to bring your attention to the commuting challenges faced by the people in our vicinity. There is notorious congestion round the clock in our area due to the narrow and abysmal roads, which hamper
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public transportation.
, behemoth aggregators like Ola or Uber companies deny our car rides because their tyres get worn out.
, umpteen number of people get in the public vehicles
as buses, yet a few of them abstain by looking at the overcrowded bus. I would like to propose that we may need to increase the width of the pathway. Apart from
, carpooling should be encouraged and the frequency of the public vehicles could be multiplied.
, if we have ring route buses running from our area to the nearest railway or the metro station
people will find it easier to roam around. Looking forward to seeing a positive change. Yours faithfully, Devika
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