Some people think computers and the internet are important in children's study, but others think student s can learn more effectively in school and with teachers. Discuss both views and give your own openion,

A few people believe that studying with
and the internet is crucial in a student's life while others think children can study better on campus and with certified tutors.
essay sheds the light on both the views and an opinion will be given in the ensuing paragraphs.
To begin
with, in
contemporary era
and the internet plays a vital role in upbringing the
. To elaborate, the internet on smartphones and a laptop provides a platform for beginners in
a way that they can learn and read very deeply due to audio visual content and graphics.
In addition
, it provides flexibility to
to refer to any type of material at any time.
For example
, many online applications and websites are available free of cost for children who want to learn.
On the other hand
, many believe that
is the best option for trainees because teachers teach the
in a systematic way and step by step so every child can clear the concept easily. Adding more, in institutions with academic knowledge they
get the moral values which play a significant role in the learner's life. In
, books are designed in
a way by pedagogical experts that
can learn on their own or with just little guidance from teachers. According to an article published by CNN newspaper shows children who are learning through
are less likely to perform well in their studies while beginners who class in
with tutors get higher grades. To conclude, I strongly opine that both
have their own importance in
life if they learn from both the streams parallelly they can score better in their studies.
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