It is neither possible nor useful for a country to provide university education to a high proportion of young people. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the modern era of times, it seems impossible for a
to provide bachelor's degrees to a high percentage of youngsters as it does not yield visible benefits. I completely agree with the statement because of two reasons.
of all, a university education is very costly. That means, it requires a lot of expenses,
as tuition fees,
materials, and so on that are impossible for a
to pay on behalf of a student.
In addition
to these, the authority can not give advanced education opportunities to all the young people because of the lack of educational institutions. Take, Bangladesh,
for example
, where 34 public universities can hardly cope with 34,000 students out of 1,00000 higher
That is
to say, to provide a bachelor's degree to
numbers seems impossible as the education budget of Bangladesh is not so high and it can not increase overnight.
, some governments are reluctant to graduate
as it does not yield productive outcomes. Most importantly, they are not interested in it because academic jobs are not abundant.
For instance
, if a student completed post-graduation from Bangladesh major in genetic engineering, they will not find any genetic farms to work with so they have to move abroad to enrich their career.
, some authorities think higher studies are not beneficial. To sum up, providing a scope of advanced
seems daunting for a
as it is costly and lacks adequate educational institutions.
, it does not bring any productive outcome to a
. So, I completely agree with the question prompt.
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