Some people think that the role of parent is to discipline their children and teach them about right and wrong. Other people consider that the main responsibility of parents is to nature their children and provide them with a safe environment to grow up in. Discuss both sides and give your opinion.

In modern society,it is widely believed that families ought to consult their offspring about what is right or wrong.Despite
,numerous others claim that it is more fundamental to provide them with a proper environment to grow up in.I strongly support that the safety of the scions significantly constitutes their natural growth. On the one hand,parents ought to consult their children continuously.
,a parent plays a crucial role in the kid's personality.
In other words
,advising the underaged individuals about what is right or wrong is essential for the formation of a proper citizen.Specifically,children usually tend to imitate the behaviour of their parents,so they should represent the perfect example for their scions.As an outcome,teaching teenagers the basic norms of behaviour is the main asset of their successful development.
On the other hand
,the circumstances under which a kid is growing up are thought to be extremely important,as well.
and foremost,young individuals' mental health should be the top priority of a parent.To be more precise,if they raise their offspring in a healthy household with love and affection,they will be happier and with no severe physiological issues.
For instance
,there is ample evidence that teens who have experienced violence in their houses are more likely to bully others or even commit delinquent crimes.As an impact, it is crystal clear that calmness,love, affection ,as well as proper consultation, are believed to be remarkably necessary for a healthy teenager. Conclusively,taking all the aforementioned arguments into deep consideration, it is apparent that both norms of behaviour and a calm environment are the assets of a well-grownup scion.In my humble opinion, the structure of a healthy household,free from violence, is undoubtedly a necessity.
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