Environmental protection is the responsibility of politicians, not individuals as individuals can do too little. To what extent pdo you agree or disagree?

Many people opine that the protection of the environment is the job of governments and not the individuals.
is because of increased resources at
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the disposal
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of leaders
rather than
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individuals.I strongly agree with
essay, I will give reasons with examples for my opinion. First of all, it is the responsibility of politicians to allocate a budget for
purpose.More money is needed to maintain a safe and clean environment.
For instance
, cleaning
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cities and sea views needs special equipment and more manpower
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can only be possible by increased spending.
, the parliament has the power to make rules for punishing the criminals who play havoc with the environment.I know one of my colleagues, who had to pay a huge fine and another, who had to go to prison for cutting trees.It was really helpful in the preservation of forests by teaching a lesson to the culprits.
, strict policies can be made by the representatives of the people to control air pollution.
For example
, allowing electrical vehicles
of fuel-driven ones will have a positive impact on the cleanliness of the air that we breathe.
, the decision-making bodies of different countries can play a vital role in atmosphere maintenance by allowing factories and industries away from cities and sea views .
will protect humans and sea animals from the toxic waste products of
industrial hubs.
, governments are not solely responsible for everything.Individuals have to take steps in
for instance
by throwing waste only at specified areas and not cutting trees or using heavy smoke-generating vehicles. In conclusion, politicians have to share the major burden of responsibility for making atmosphere-friendly policies.Expecting the public to do it themselves will be like living in a fool's paradise.
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