You had borrowed money from your friend when you were facing some financial problems and forgot to pay it back. Write a letter to your friend and in your letter: Apologize for being late in returning the money Explain what happened Say how you are going to fix the issue now

Dear Sagar, I am writing
letter to apologize to you for not paying your
back on time, which I have taken on June 4th the due date was July 4th and the amount was $2000. I have taken that
for my course as you know I am taking music classes which will help my career.
, I planned to give you cash on time but unfortunately, I lost my job because of covid as I work in the restaurant it was closed for 4 weeks due to government regulations.
, it was very hard to survive somehow I tried to make
with my music classes which were enough for my room rent and grocery. At the moment I am trying to solve the issue as my restaurant started working and I am working extra hours to clear your debt, apart from that I am
teaching music classes so I just need two more weeks to pay your
. Hoping positive response from you. Best regards, Karan.
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