Some countries, marriages are arranged by the parents but in other cases, people choose their own marriage partners. Discuss both systems and state which you think is better.

Occurs that in some countries, marriages are organized by the parents
on the other
Add a comma
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choose their own partners. I want to believe
statements are true but in my opinion, I would like to say it is
Correct quantifier usage
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ideal for
to choose a spouse since they would spend the rest of their lives with one another.
would be addressed in the paragraph below. I would say
who choose their spouse tend to enjoy every bit of their love life as they
Verb problem
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understand the
Fix the agreement mistake
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and strengths of each other.
For instance
, from the point of being just mere friends and growing to something more intimate. during
process, there would be a tendency
of visiting
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to visit
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on lunch and dinner dates with each other, so doing
so would
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improve their relationship and give room to prompt communication between
parties. As there won't be an awkward moment between them. The most interesting part is that it strengthens their bond even before and after the wedding. Meanwhile, marriages that are arranged by parents happen to have a problem in future as
parties are a novice to what the respective partners want or like to do or don't.
For example
, You are introduced to getting married to someone with the qualities you have vowed not to have a friendship with let alone live with for the rest of yours. That's the first reason for a failed marriage when you are not getting what you have been dreaming
to have
Change preposition
of having
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. Another instance is that there won't be smooth communication between
spouses and when there is no communication there is no way the marriage would survive. Marriages like
often lead to single parents and divorce. In conclusion, I would say allowing
to choose their life partners would limit the rate at which divorce is rampant. It would
limit extramarital affairs
as well as
help the squad train their children as is expected of them.
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task response
Make sure to address all aspects of the task and provide a balanced view of both systems.

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