Some people think that it would be better for long companies and industry to move to regional areas outside large urban centers. Do you think the advantages and outweigh this disadvantages

It is often argued that the large company and industries should move to regional sides
of the huge urban centres. The main advantage of
it helps to improve the economy and the main drawback is that
affect the environment. Moving to regional areas
has several merits. On the one hand, trade is a crucial role in the nation's economical growth. many industries are exports their goods to different countries and stimulate their income.
For instance
, in Sri Lanka's GDP, 60% of income comes from the apparel industry
, on the regional side, companies are stimulating job opportunities and it will help people enhance their quality of life. Employers do not have to travel the long-distance workplaces because of closing working places in their area. It will help to save their time and improve their well-being.
On the other hand
, the main disadvantage of
phenomenon is that industrialisation leads to deforestation and pollution. Moving the regional space,
that is
affecting its natural resources,
as changing animal natural habitats and harmful gases are leaves to the environment.
urban centres have been contaminated due to the increasing level of pollution. I think it is good to reduce the number of factories in the urban space it replaces other places.
For example
, China has one of the biggest trade markets in the world. Researchers show China has prominent air pollution.
a proper long-term strategy can decline the devastating global warming effects. In conclusion, after a thorough analysis of the topic, moving the regional space
of the urban area is a vital part of its society. It can
enforce the right factory process before starting it.
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